eHealth-MV – Intelligente Diagnostik für Stress und Fitness

Autoren: Regina Stoll, Kerstin Thurow, R-D. Berndt


Das Projektziel bestand in der Schaffung einer neuartigen technischen und präventivmedizinischen Losung für eine intelligente Diagnostik spezieller physischer und psychomentaler Beanspruchungen, die einen direkten Einsatz in der Gesundheitswirtschaft finden soll. weiterlesen

Stress and Fitness Monitoring embedded on a modern Telematics Platform

Autoren: M. C. Takenga, R-D. Berndt, S. Kuehn, P. Preik, N. Stoll2, K. Thurow, M. Kumar, S. Behrendt, M. Weippert, A. Rieger, R. Stoll

Published in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health, Telemed J E Health. 2012, VOL. 18 No.5, S. 371 ff., Juni 2012


The lack of regular physical activity and high-stress levels are the leading causes of several illnesses. There is thus a real need for a personal low-cost and mobile monitoring solution over extended periods to prevent health risks. weiterlesen

A scalable and secure telematics platform for the hosting of telemedical applications. Case study of a stress and fitness monitoring

Autoren: Berndt R.-D., Takenga M.C., Kuehn S., Preik P., Stoll N., Thurow K., Kumar M., Weippert M., Rieger A., Stoll R.

in Proceedings of the ieee 13th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom), S. 118  ff., Columbia, USA, 2011


Mobile telemedical applications are of crucial importance today as they do offer the potential to improve the quality of the health care related services. It has been proven that the leading cause of several illnesses and diseases are stress and the lack of fitness practices. weiterlesen