Interview with CEO Rolf-Dietrich Berndt about Telemedicine

Rolf-Dietrich Berndt, Managing Director of Infokom GmbH, is a longtime partner of TK in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Together with the University of Greifswald the dermatology App mSkin was introduced. This will open up opportunities for telemedical applications in the supply of skin diseases in rural areas. Their main goal is to implement telemedicine and long-term coverage in the integrated care systems.

In the following interview Rolf-Dietrich Berndt gives details of current developments in telematics. Not only does he examine the development in the laws and policies for eHealth, he futhermore lists the opportunities, but also the limitations of telemedicine. The conditions are evaluated quite critically.

The complete interview can be read on the pageĀ of Techniker Krankenkasse. Please note that the interview was conducted in German.