The company Infokom was founded in 1991. It offers customer orientated full-range IT solutions. The range of services includes consulting, software development and IT training, as well as the distribution and installation of hard / software, networks and their management. Infokom provides a 24/7 support for all services and products.

Our core competences in software development are:

  • Applications development and Application adaptation (Customizing)
  • Development of customised software solutions, especially client-server based data bank solutions (Microsoft SQL on TCP/IP networks)
  • Customized programming of system overlapping interfaces (data-exchange between different systems, communication forms, data conversions)
  • In addition we are specialised in IT-solutions for the health sector.

Within the national and international competitive market we are experts in:

  • complex solutions for practise management systems of registered doctors,
  • development and running of medical data bank systems with a highest-level security standard (end2end encryption),
  • mobile data transfer for patients and nursing staff to collect and manage patient-related self controlling data (self monitoring),
  • development and implementation of interfaces in the Health sector with international standards,
  • integration of structured communication services in Health solutions,
  • development and running of various data bank based Online web-portals (web, e-learning, e-questionnaire) with automated evaluation routines
  • and online connection to administrative systems.

We are proud of our international co-operations and connections, especially in Arabia (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman), USA (American Diabetes Group), Hong Kong and China, and in connection with that of our experience in sourcing, planning and running international pilot projects in the health sector.

Infokom holds various manufacturer’s certificates and work based on a quality management system ISO 9001:2008. In addition Infokom is a competent partner in the data protection field, acting as a certified commissioner for data protection for small companies, administrations and medical institutions.