Mobil Diab

Mobil Diab is a modern, innovative solution to assists the monitoring and treatment of diabetes patients.
The idea behind this is to involve the patient in the therapy process and to motivate him to actively co-operate during the treatment process. It empowers the patient to take responsibility for his treatment, which is in partnership with the physician.


The system offers a chance for interactive communication between the doctor and the patient. The patient keeps an electronic diary in which he continuously records his self-controlling data (blood glucose, medication, food, motion …) and makes those available to the doctor. In this way the doctor can monitor his patient’s data independently from time and location. Thus the doctor can adapt the therapy at any time, intervene if necessary and make the relevant information available to the patient. Mobil Diab offers diabetics the opportunity to monitor their medical data 24 hours a day. Data can be matched with the Telematic Platform (TMP) at anytime. In the case of emergencies, the system will inform the doctor in charge and provide him with the relevant data.

Main features are:

  • mobility with smartphone applications (iOS/Android)
  • diary for continuous recording of the medical data
  • integrated measuring devices and camera
  • matching of data independently from time and location with the TMP
  • reminder features
  • receives messages from the physician
  • multilingual
  • simple Windows user interface

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