Networks & Innovations

Infokom operates active network systems and has been a partner of a number of renowned innovative networks and organisations for many years.

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Infokom is a member of the comTeam organisation, a subsidiary of the Electronic partner group.

comTeam is a group of more than 300 system vendors in Germany.


Network and international projects

  • Health ministries, regional hospital organisations, medical facilities especially in China, Hong Kong, united Arab Emirates, the USA, Denmark etc.
  • Infokom is a strategic partner of Artificial Life, Inc. in the area of Health Applications.

Patent and proprietary

The word-/Imagesign and the Patent: Tele medical system, in particular for chronic diseases are registered by the ‚Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt’.

A World Patent was registered.

Knowledge network and national project

  • Medical practises, hospitals and medical care centres (MVZ) in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg
  • Unternehmen Region – Innoregio disco
    In connection with the BMBF innovative initiative „Unternehmen Region“, Infokom has developed tele medicine applications based on the Telematics platform.
    These are used in the Innoregio group project disco (disease information centre and service centre on-line).
  • Project TeleAdi, in cooperation with MEDIGREIF Inselklinik Heringsdorf GmbH: We developed a structured programme for treatment and education of overweight and adipositas children and teenagers. A concept of multimodal therapy was implemented.
    • Further project partners:
    • Institute of diabetes “Gerhardt Katsch” inc., Karlsburg
    • University Clinic of Greifswald
  • eHealth-MV promoted by the economics ministry of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania [Movie – 259 MB] The aim is to create new technical and preventive-medical solutions for individual diagnostics, especially of physical and psycho-mental strain, to be used in the health sectors in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany and abroad. The overall aim is to link the know-how in preventive medicine, process informatics and information technology.

    • Project partner:
    • University of Rostock, Institute of preventive medicine (IPM)
    • University of Rostock, Institute of automation technology (IAT)
  • Feasibility study of the application of bio-feedback technologies – promoted by the ministry of economics Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
    In this project we carry out a feasibility study examining whether innovative system solutions can be developed for the post care of dermatology patients. Technical feasibility of a care and consultation system using bio-feedback Technologies shall be assessed. Patients are actively involved in this process, by sending data via their mobile phones.

    • Project partner:
    • University clinic of Greifswald, clinic for dermatology