Telematic Platform

The Telematic platform (TMP) is an efficient middleware for the integration of various tele-medical application and services.


TMP features:

  • efficient middleware for the integration of different kinds of tele-medical applications and services
  • modern client-server-structures
  • transparent storage of all application specific data
  • high level data security and encryption methods
  • secure methods of authentication
  • secured transport services
  • flexible login mechanisms
  • virtual data exchange between applications and users
  • firewall und virus protection

The Telematic Platform is based on modern client-server-structures and uses up-to-date technologies. All application-specific data are stored by the TMP in an entirely transparent way. This means the actual content of the data is withheld and the application itself is responsible for the interpretation of the data. The documents are encrypted in XML format and stored separately from personal data. The application itself decides whether data should be filed permanently or just temporarily for the purpose of distribution. This model enables the integration of a diversity of applications into the TMP. The TMC offers authentication via chip card as well as the conventional means of authentication.