Business administration software

Infokom GmbH is “Offizielles Mitglied im rhv Service- und Vertriebs-Verbund”.

Enterprise resource planning software rhvWawi

This system is all about “earning money” and “saving time”.

With this software routine tasks which cost a lot of time and money are automated. The basic data processed in the daily running of a business is made available to all areas of activity.

The following programs are available:

  • rhvWawi 1 – Enterprise resource planning for beginners
  • rhvWawi 2 – The multi-user solution for good value
  • rhvWawi 3 – The professional solution with extra
  • rhvWawi “S” – The large special edition for System vendors (rhvWawi “S”)

For more information see our partner’s website at rhv Software GmbH.

Financial accounting rhvFiBu

This software provides you with a crucial operational analysis of your business

  • balance sheets
  • profit and loss account
  • business assessment by cost centres
  • outstanding items
  • automated payment
  • collections

For more information see our partner’s website at rhv Software GmbH.

pay roll accounting rhvLohn

  • rhvLohn is the innovative software solution for professional payroll accounting
  • rhvLohn focuses on an open and flexible system architecture
  • rhvLohn works on a modular basis and is therefore suitable for all industries and company sizes
  • all analysis can be amended, new reports can be added
  • rhvLohn brings a new quality to accounting software

We are an authorised marketing partner of rhv GmbH Duisburg, which developed and further improved this software solution.

For more information see our partner’s website at rhv Software GmbH.

Time recording rhvZeit

rhvZeit – so you don’t waste precious time with making calculations…

With rhvZeit you have got the choice to use it for “access control” only or as a bespoke time accounting system with integration of rhvLohn.

RhvZeit offers an intelligent and efficient way of time accounting for your company. Working hours are recorded and evaluated by computer, so there is no need to control and add up time cards. “rhvZeit” offers everything you need to make your time recording more flexible.

For more information see our partner’s website at rhv Software GmbH.

Order processing rhvFaktura

for small companies

This is the right program for when you don’t need the entire enterprise resource planning software, but still want to write offers, bills, credit vouchers, as well as monitor the receipt of payment and send reminders.

It also covers simple serial letters, E-mail and a calendar to keep track of appointments.

It can be linked to rhvFibu or merely create an accounting journal for your accountant. It is suitable for taxpaying companies and small companies according to paragraph §19 UStG.

For more information see our partner’s website at rhv Software GmbH.

Quadriga assets accounting

Quadriga assets is a well established software for the administration of assets.

It calculates depreciation and book values, compiles the assets analysis for the balance sheet and covers all

further requirements on assets accounting. Quadriga assets excels in functionality and functional range.

This software comes with the following options:

  • calculation of depreciation according to all common methods of depreciation
  • partly addition, partly separation, write-ups from over depreciation and benefits can be entered as “depreciation on transactions”
  • comfortable entry of special allowances
  • different assets analysis for balance sheets, commercial balance sheets and other calculated values
  • assets analysis for consolidated balance sheets, foreign currency optional
  • monthly interim financial statements
  • inventory form with complete depreciation of an asset on screen or printer
  • preview of future depreciation and book values
  • calculation and compilation of insurance values

Data are prestented clearly in:

  • 4 different detailed assets analysis, one of them in DIN standard A4 panel format
  • the assets are classified in 3 levels, e.g. by branch, within a branch by cost centre an within the cost centre by assets account
  • list of new assets
  • list of outgoing assets, if applicable with extraordinary expense or profit

Infokom is an authorised distribution partner of Quadriga Informatik GmbH, which has developed this product and updates it continuously.

For more information see our partner’s website at Quadriga Informatik GmbH.