Validation of a SaaS-based Platform for Mobile Health Applications

Validation of a SaaS-based Platform for Mobile Health Applications

Autoren: R-D. Berndt, M. C. Takenga, S. Kuehn, P. Preik, L. Berndt, S. Berndt

Accepted for publication in the international journal Transactions on Systems, Signals and Devices, 2013


The demand for new healthcare services is growing rapidly. Involving ICT in health solutions has shown to raise satisfaction for both health care providers and patients. Several research works have been focusing on this issue, since it appears to be the suited solution for reaching an economically and socially viable solution to the increasing number of chronically ill patients. Although the development of ICT infrastructure gives the possibility to provide new services on a wider scale, some issues dealing with security, privacy, scalability and interoperability are still critical. Moreover changes in information flows, along with an explosion of digital content that needs to be stored and shared, are driving the need for a secure, flexible and scalable IT platform through which providers, payers and health sciences can support collaboration and information exchange. This paper introduces a secure and scalable platform which enables the implementation of mobile health applications and their provision based on SaaS (software as a service) technology. The platform has been validated through trials in the following fields: events monitoring in seniors’ environments, diabetes management, teledermatology, fitness and Stress monitoring.