Mobil Skin: Mobile Teledermatology System

Mobil Skin has been designed especially for the care of patients with dermatological diseases. It assists the physician/doctor in the optimal treatment of his patients and also in the evaluation of the therapy process. It offers the possibility to exchange personal messages between doctor and patient directly.
The system consists of a Smartphone app, a database, an online portal for the treating physician, an intelligent software and an encryption package for secure data transmission.

With a modern Smartphone it has become possible to get high quality photos of skin lesions. Using the mSkin app on a Smartphone, photos and other additional features are securely transmitted to the online portal of the University Dermatology Clinic. Dermatologist are able to evaluate the skin lesions and treatment course based on size, shape, surface relief, color shades and the self-evaluation from the patient. This system is successfully applied at the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Greifswald.

Other applications in the area of skin cancer check are planned.
Since smartphones are widely used among teenagers and young people, a high acceptance for the use of this teledermatology application is expected in order to detect skin cancer at an early curable stage.

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