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The company INFOKOM - information and communication company mbH was founded in 1991.We offer customer-related complete solutions for companies in the IT sector from qualified advice, development, sales and installation of hardware and software, networks and administration to IT training. We also develop our own software solutions and offer software development services.

Ausbildung und Stellenbeschreibung


We look after medium-sized companies and medical facilities in Eastern and North part of Germany.

KBV-Zertifizierter Dienstleister nach § 75b Abs. 5 SGB V – IT-Sicherheitsrichtlinie
KBV Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung – Verzeichnis zertifizierter Dienstleister:

Medical support & practice management system

On-site and remote maintenance support for medical facilities. Support of the practice management system and connected medical programs, TI infrastructure, server installation, networks, maintenance and backups.

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Customer support

Remote maintenance or on-site service for our business customers. Individual advice and support depending on the business area are a prerequisite for being able to guarantee you the best quality.

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Websites & eMail

Your figurehead on the Internet - a customized website for your company. Responsive designs for smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. Setup and maintenance of email accounts and domains. 

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Networks & Servers

Construction and maintenance of network structures in medium-sized companies. This includes setting up and maintaining the servers, workstations and mobile devices as well as connecting all relevant specialist programs and much more.

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Projects in development

Our research and development department works on national and international projects.


Ensuring dermatological patient care and compensating for the shortage of dermatological specialists in structurally weak areas by means of multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral and digital care structures.



AutoFLOW – Automation of Flow Cytometric Analysis for Quality-Assured Follow-up Assessment. This EU project is about the development of an objective and automated tool for multi-parameter FCM data analysis with robust and reliable MRD values ​​(Minimal Residual Desease).


Integrated help reaction chains to increase safety at bus stops and in public transport vehiclesintegrated help reaction chains to increase safety at bus stops and in public transport vehicles.


Creating a network that offers older people, after retirement, to continue to use their skills, knowledge and services.



FEARLESS – stands for Fear Elimination As Resolution for Loosing Elderly's Substantial Sorrows. This EU project is about the development of a sensor system that is able to detect various risks in the home environment and to react independently. The resulting sense of safety reduces the fears of older people and increases mobility. This in turn enables them to participate longer in a self-determined life.



Creation of a new technical and preventive medical solution for an intelligent diagnosis of special physical and psychomental stresses, which should be used directly in the health economy in MV, nationally and internationally.


eHealth – telemedicine applications

Our telemedical applications are developed in close cooperation with doctors and health insurance companies. They are tailored to the needs of the patient.

mSkin® Doctor App

The doctor app to make dermatological inquiries (images, anamnesis and diagnostic data as well as questions) to the independent doctor.

mSkin® App

The patient app supports dermatologists in the follow-up care of their patients with the help of self-monitoring data.

mSkin® Onko App

Study on the care of cancer patients using the mSkin® Onko app. Monitoring of side effects and mental stress.

mDiab App

The mDiab app supports diabetes patients in regular care of their diabetes diary.

Privacy Service

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Data privacy Officer

Does your company also need a data privacy officer? Then you've come to the right place.

Privacy Advice
according to GDPR

We advise you according to the General Data Protection Regulation. Make an appointment with us.

Training courses
in Privacy protection

Privacy protection training courses on site or via the Internet. Talk to us and find out more about this topic.

ISMS according to ISO 27001

We audit as an internal auditor ISMS - ISO 27001 - 1st and 2nd party auditor.



Here you will find current articles.

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Dermatoskopiekurs – Herbst 2020

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TeleDermatologie ist für den Telemedizinpreis 2020 nominiert

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